SHOP @ DCRC Initial Preorders — December Update

Hello and happy holidays! Since it is now December, we figured that it would be a good idea to give everyone a quick update on how things are going at SHOP @ DCRC.

First of all: Thank you so much for your support! Getting SHOP @ DCRC up and running was a very strenuous process, but seeing the amount of positive feedback and placed orders has made it all worth it.

As you are likely aware, our initial preorder period started on October 18th and ended on November 1st. As soon as this period concluded, we locked in the rough item quantities to order from our manufacturer and continued to accept preorders. With our quantities determined, we went to work preparing a bulk item order from our manufacturer. During the process, our manufacturer made us aware of potential delays to our order due to a combination of a large backlog of orders on their end coupled with the global shipping issues that have slowed things down everywhere.

Despite the projected delays, the items were produced and shipped rather quickly! At the time of writing, our supply order is en route to our fulfillment center (ie. Kohi's house). As soon as we receive the supply order, we will begin the process of packing and shipping all pending preorders. We are still within our late November / early December projected shipping window, and we will make sure to notify everyone of any important updates!

P.S.  — We have received a few support emails from customers returning home from school who are concerned that their merch orders will be mailed to an address from which they will be unable to collect. If you fall into this category, please send us an email at along with your order number and, once we begin fulfilling orders, we will make sure to confirm your address with you before we mail out yours.

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